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Help, My Head is about to blow
  127***com 28-07-2020 15:10 Reply (1)

"This is all new to me, however I am willing to learn as I go along. I want to create a mobile app that gets basic data from Amazon.com and UK, But Uk to start with.

There are lots of apps that provide data on sales rank, sellers listed, price of items, fba-new-used-collect. buy or sell, the list goes on.

I want to create something basic for iphones and androids. The app will provide sales rank, item image and a fix minimum price profit of xx, no less than the amount set. For example, when I scan an itm or type in the ISBN, that data will bring back sales rank, item listing and finally a green light, if profit is over xx, or red light if profit is under xx.

Can this be done?

How do I get this data or information to link to my app I will be creating?

Please someone point me in the right direction.


Help, My Head is about to blow
  127***com time: 28-07-2020 15:10 Reply (1)