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Lots of refund requests in few days
  128***com 28-07-2020 15:12 Reply (1)

"Hi everyone,

I have 6 refund requests in a very short time. I tried to message buyers to resolve and asked them if they has sent my product back to me or not. None of the buyer replied. Yesterday one of the request became an A-to-Z claim and I had to make a refund immediately. Please let me know what is the best I can do with the 5 requests left because I’m afraid they can make a huge impact to my Order Defect Rate when those buyers accelerate them to A-to-Z claims.

It is really difficult these days: After my account back from suspended for no reason on 11 Jul, my sales drop from 1-3 sales a day to 1-3 sales a month, and I know there are some scams in refund requests because they bought other items from my shop on other platforms then requested refunds with the same reason and description :frowning:

Thanks for your advice!"

Lots of refund requests in few days
  128***com time: 28-07-2020 15:12 Reply (1)