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Selling Pesticide Products NOT
  144***com 28-07-2020 13:14 Reply (0)

HI…amazon classified about 17 of my listings as Pesticide Products and required me to become authorized to sell them by passing Amazon University Pesticide course. I advised them that my listings are not Pesticide related and they should not be restricted. They agreed and said they were working to correct this restriction. I don’t have the ability to edit these listings now and they said they were still working on this…So I took the Pesticide course and passed it. Nothing changed. Now they will remove these listings and make them inactive until they correct their incorrect pesticide classification. And they acknowledge that I have passed the Pesticide course but still they are going to make the listings inactive until they get to correct things. Anybody have any experience with this …as I will not be able to sell these products until and unless they correct their position on this…Thanks for any help…

Selling Pesticide Products NOT
  144***com time: 28-07-2020 13:14 Reply (0)